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Remote Worship Leader Subscriptions

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Your Church has the option of subscribing to “Remote Worship Leader” videos as described  on this website. Church can select from our team of experienced worship leader/ videographers, that will provide fully produced video with lyrics overlay, to be inserted into Church online service broadcast. The following subscriptions are available and REMOTE WORSHIP’s subscription fee is 25% of the stipend

that will be paid to the Remote Worship Leader. 


Remote Worship Video Packages*

-One Song: $250

-Two Songs: $350 

-Four Songs: $500 

-Eight Songs: $800 

Need help selecting the right Remote Worship Leader for your church? Send a text to 443-852-4589 to receive profiles and video examples of our team of Remote Worship Leaders. 

* All subscriptions are monthly and will renew automatically if approved by the church. The Eight Song package can be used over a period of 8 weeks, if church decides to only provide one remote worship music video per service.

Remote Worship Leader Subscription Form

Subscription Fee is 25% of stipend that is paid to the Remote Worship Leader (RWL). Once you submit this form, you will receive an invoice and online access to manage your account.  You will pay the RWL directly for their fee via mail or electronic payment once subscription is paid to REMOTE WORSHIP. 

Thanks for subscribing. You will receive an invoice via email to manage your payment & account.

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